An auto accident attorney is trained and skilled in handling cases that involve car accidents and/or injuries obtained by them. This lawyer is not just around to try to get the injured party money; he really is quite an expert in many areas. He knows your rights, he can navigate both insurance companies, and he saves time and paper work.

Sometimes after a car wreck, injuries or other issues so not immediately surface. It could be months before a driver realizes that some physical issues he has been having may be related to the incident. Car accident attorneys at Knutson+Casey know and understand the statute of limitation affiliated with filing suit or claiming related injury, and they are the only one that can swiftly make a claim.

Sometimes personal injury has nothing to do with the litigation. Insurance companies have their own rules and laws, and they know how to use them in their own favor. An auto accident attorney will help you to deal with the accused driver’s insurance company. Like any business, an insurance company wants to provide its service at the lowest cost possible, and, though they may be practicing perfectly legally, they can and will short change you if you do not know the full extent of your own policy and of the policy of the other driver. Your lawyer will be able to deflect attempts at settlements and unfair offers because his is able to view both policies. This way if the other driver’s company tells you to proceed with a rental car and they will reimburse you, your lawyer knows that they are trying to manipulate their services so that you end up paying only to find out that because of a technicality, you cannot be reimbursed.

Many people choose not to proceed with cases even though they know they have one because it just is not worth the time, effort and confusion. An auto accident attorney will do all the leg work for you while you try to go on about your life. He will sort through all the paper work, and jump through all the hoops, and because he knows the laws, he will do so with ease.

An auto accident attorney will work as hard as possible to get you compensation because he usually will not take profit for his work unless he is able to gain compensation for you. Remember, you do not have to be physically injured to need the services of a lawyer. Many insurance laws and other laws are hard to understand, and an attorney can help you with all of these legal aspects.

Last modified: December 24, 2022



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