Who is Liable for Falls on Construction Sites?

According to the US Department of Labor 721 construction workers died in workplace accidents in 2011. Falls accounted for the most, 251 of the 35%. Out of the top then Occupational Health and Safety Act standard violations that same year, scaffolding, ladders and fall protection were amongst them. Falls on construction sites have become such... » read more

Mayors Argue to Cut Fossil Fuel Stock

Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn wants his city to divest from fossil energy companies. Investment advisors from across the country met on Friday in Seattle in hopes of cutting fossil fuels from the stock portfolios they manage. Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn organized the forum on divesting from coal, oil and gas companies. McGinn wants the city... » read more

Potential in the Pipeline – FA

The U.S. Departments of Agriculture, Energy and Defense (through the Navy) announced a three-year $510 million joint investment to support the development of drop-in biofuels for aviation and marine applications. The USDA pledged $136 million to support development of advanced biofuels made from non-food crops. Many idled biodiesel plants are humming again with the return... » read more

The Future

Almost twenty years from the heady days of the Rio summit, it is certainly clear that energy efficiency is inextricably linked to environmental progress in addressing climate change. The tremendous surge in developing country (e.g. Brazil Russia India and China) stock markets makes it equally clear that any efforts to slow growth in developing markets... » read more

Statutory Protection of Older Persons

The mistreatment of older people was brought to the attention of the American public and lawmakers in the early 1980’s. Numerous cases, in which older people were being physically harmed, deprived of food, water or proper medical attention, and deprived of their life savings by caregivers and relatives, were brought to light. When the widespread... » read more

Medical Conditions Caused by Neglect

Some of the most common injuries to nursing home residents are not caused by individual events such as falls or violent attacks but, rather, result from ongoing neglect in the care and treatment of residents. Ongoing neglect has been found to result in malnutrition, dehydration, bedsores and pressure sores. Such neglect is actionable, as it... » read more

Negligence in the Nursing Home Setting

A nursing home, or its owner, or proprietor, can be held liable for negligently caring for its residents. In such a case, the injured resident must prove: 1) that the nursing home’s owner or employees breached a duty of care owed to the resident; 2) that the resident was injured by this breach; and, 3)... » read more

Civil Actions Against Nursing Homes

The liability of a nursing home owner or employees can result from negligent personal supervision and care, negligent hiring and retention of employees, negligent maintenance of the premises, and negligent selection or maintenance of equipment. Other commonlaw theories of recovery in addition to negligence may be pursued as well. For example, a nursing home resident... » read more

Nursing Home Injuries – An Overview

Sadly, when people age, they become more vulnerable to abuse, neglect, and exploitation. Some older people opt to move into nursing homes or longterm care facilities to ensure that they are well cared for, and will be protected from the effects of their deteriorating physical and/or mental conditions. In these settings, however, older people are... » read more