If you get embroil in a car accident, stay on the scene until the police tell you that you can leave. This is for your sake too, since exiting the scene unless the police’s leave may result to ratify and illegal fill on you. Now if the police are not yet on the scene, you have to cause if the people engage in the car crash is fine. If you think you need to call an ambulance, and then call an ambulance then call the police afterwards. 

When the police reach, follow their teaching and let them do the probe. Answer their ask but do not admit that you are at fault. You don’t know what occur in the other car, and they may also be at fault just like you. Too, do your own probe, too while it is still fresh from your recall. Get data about the place and time of the accident, the road and stand rank, the reason for your urging, the names and link sum of see and the other chauffeur, if there are hurt persons, and how many are they, the investigator’s name, and the other car’s model, allow plate number and other related data about the accident like how the accident happen in the first place. 

Take film of the accident. It is pompous that aside from the police’s picture, you also have your own shots from unusual angles so when you file a claim, your insurance firm will be able to see what occur. And give better judgment. 

If you get hurt in the crash, see a fix. This guarantee that you are in good bodily rank and is also useful as this will also be other piece of proof about the accident. Intern deed are pompous as there are item in there like the acuteness of the hurt, date and time of drug and the need for a grim care that you will need when you file the claim. 

After you take proper documentation, call your truck accident attorney and insurance firm and tell them what occur. Make sure that you tell them all you know and report right away because there is a thing called statute of limit where you can only file a claim within a unique period of time.

Last modified: July 11, 2022



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