When a car accident occurs, law enforcement and responders that arrive on the scene often first help any victims on the scene. In many instances, there will be an investigation as well to determine what happened. Not only can an investigation help authorities determine fault, but it can also help family members understand what happened, especially if the car accident was fatal.

Two families of two women who were killed in a crash this past weekend are still wondering what happened the night of the accident. The incident occurred in Dekalb County and involved a police officer who was on duty at the time.

The families of the women are actually conducting their own investigation into the two vehicle collision. Currently, officers believe that the women were in their vehicle and ran a red light. That is when they allegedly crashed into the patrol car. People who were nearby said the crash was very loud. The women’s vehicle ended up smashed into a pole.

A reconstruction of the accident occurred on Tuesday of this week. There are several questions that the families are seeking answers to. How fast was the patrol vehicle going at the time of the crash? If the patrol car was traveling at a fast speed, should there have been sirens? Did the women actually run through the red light?

Both the private investigation and police investigation are still being conducted. Until those have concluded, these questions will likely remain unanswered. One thing is for sure, the families of the two women are now dealing with the loss of their loved ones with the help of a Melville car accident attorney.