Over the last couple weeks, there have been a unique number of large accidents involving commercial vehicles and 18-wheelers. Two weeks ago a terrible bus accident occurred in New York City. That bus accident killed 15 people, but the accident was only the first of three major commercial accidents. The second tour bus accident occurred in New Jersey and killed two people. The most recent bus accident happened in Vermont and injured 23 people. Last week, a tragic multiple car accident occurred in our city of Baton Rouge killing five. At the end of last week an 18-wheeler accident occurred that left the driver of the car in the accident trapped under the tanker of the semi.

Last Thursday a horrific accident forced rescuers to save a driver trapped under a fuel tanker. The truck accident occurred around 7:30 a.m. Thursday near Bergen, New York according to police. The 18-wheel tanker was on its way to a fuel company in Batavia, New York when the crash occurred. Police say a car failed to yield at a right of way as the car got on the highway.

The oncoming 18-wheeler spotted the car and tried to take measures to avoid hitting the car. Unfortunately, the semi’s evasive maneuvers were not enough. The truck jack-knifed as the driver tried to steer the truck out of the way and hit the vehicle according to police. After the semi hit the car, the car became lodged under the semi’s tanker trailer, and emergency personnel were called to the scene to free the driver of the car. Three people were injured during the truck accident and one was taken away from the accident scene by helicopter.

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