$850,000 Settlement in Motor Vehicle Accident

On Oct. 26, 2000, Alex Mayorga was a passenger in a vehicle that was struck from behind while stopped at a traffic signal at the intersection of Bellmore and Grand avenues in Bellmore. Mr. Mayorga sued Rosemary Valente, who was driving the car that struck his vehicle. He also sued the lessor of Ms. Valente’s... » read more

Benefits of Appointing a Personal Injury Solicitor

When a person meets with an accident, the insurance company becomes liable to pay for the lost wages and medical expenses. An insurance company pay for everything including damage to the property, medical bills and everything. Sometimes, it so happens that the insurance companies pay less, or do not pay anything at all, citing unavailability... » read more

More Personal Injuries Suit Myths

Alabama residents who’ve been hurt because of the negligence of some other person possess a to seek damages to pay them for his or her injuries. The seasoned Union Springs personal injuries lawyers at Jinks, Crow & Dickson, P. C. know Alabama law and also the protections it affords people across our condition. Should you... » read more

Related Information – Personal Injuries Claims

For those who have sustained an individual injuries you might be thinking about employing a claims management company (CMC). These are generally known as ‘claims assessors’. CMCs offer to consider cases on the no win, free basis but there might be some disadvantages, including:-These plans will apply in case your complaint is all about services... » read more


If a legislative provision protects a certain class of persons by prohibiting or by requiring certain conduct, a person may commit a tort for violating that legislative provision, even if the legislative provision does not include a remedy for the violation. An injured member of that class of persons may be entitled to a tort... » read more

Evidence of breach of duty

In order to prove that an insurer breached its duty of good faith and fair dealing in failing to settle a third party’s action against an insured, the insured may present evidence of the following: the probability of the insured’s liability to the third party the extent of damages recoverable in excess of policy coverage... » read more

Bad Faith of Insurer – Failure to Settle

By virtue of its contract with an insured, an insurer is under a duty to exercise good faith and fair dealing with regard to the insured’s rights under the contract. This duty requires the insurer to act so as not to prevent the insured from receiving the benefits of the agreement. In most jurisdictions, the... » read more