Anesthesia has a beneficial purpose, to alleviate pain and discomfort during otherwise unpleasant medical procedures. While this is an admirable idea, if something goes wrong during administration or the procedure, the results can be severe causing injuries and possibly death. Who is liable for anesthesia errors? Due to the possible risks, doctors and other health care workers are supposed to be meticulous about following the proper guidelines when caring for a patient receiving anesthesia of any kind. These can include:

  • Awareness of allergies
  • Proper amounts of anesthesia being administered at the right time
  • Equipment monitoring
  • Correctly operating equipment
  • Constantly monitoring patient for any reactions

General anesthesia is considered the most risky because it involves the brain and putting the patient often into an unconscious state. This is used for major surgeries. Complications can arise if proper monitoring, oxygen distribution, and timing of dosage are not given. These errors can result in heart failure, stroke, coma, brain damage and death.

Local anesthesia is considered less dangerous because it is only administered to a small part of the body topically or with a needle. Most people experience this at their dentist. Regional anesthesia covers slightly larger parts of the body numbing groups of nerves or the spine. Women can experience this with an epidural during childbirth. Though considered less risky than general anesthesia, complications can occur if proper measures are not taken, such as toxic allergic reactions to too large of a dose. The heart and blood pressure can be affected.

Many care givers can be involved in administering anesthesia:

  • Anesthesiologists
  • Nurse anesthetist
  • Surgeons
  • Nurses
  • Doctors
  • Dentists

If any of these heath care providers fail to follow the necessary steps and guidelines and the result is a serious injury or death, they can be charged with anesthesia medical malpractice and a Criminal defense attorney in San Antonio can be of assistance.

Last modified: October 4, 2021



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